What is Mehta Book Cart?

In the beginning of 1976 opened a book-shop named Mehta book Cart in Ram Talai ,Amritsar – a shop that could cater the entire need of businessmen, corporate houses and lawyers. In that time of recession and uncertainty, he bought a place in the then very remote and ignored area called Ram Talai,Amritsar. It was the birth of a legend; the beginning of!.

Today, Mehta Book Cart, market and sell books in the field of Indian children book, business, economics, politics, education, companies, international trade, business directories, commercial books - to name a few - in India and abroad through our network of showrooms in Amritsar City, mail-order business and user-friendly website which not only has a database of over 50,000 books, but also is convenient for online shopping. You can buy books on-line through cash-on-delivery basis.

For any query, help or assistance. you can contact us on 01832583129,9464120129,And 9872912929.